She wasn’t being rude

I know that by now each posting I write has been about cats and my journey with my formerly feral bunch. But today I want to share a story about the difference that can be made with some effort and resources. It’s the story of one vet clinic and one vet who chose to look at the bond between an indigent woman and her dog and do a pro-bono surgery that made a difference.

I am lucky that I have a decent job and can take my animals to see a vet when they need to be seen, I can provide annual preventative care for them and food. My animals give me so much in return. There are days that I would be beyond depressed without their antics and their snuggles.

This article made me think of how I would feel if I could barely provide for myself and an emergency came up with one of my pets. Would I find compassion from a professional? Would people pitch in to help?

I’d like to think so. I’d like to think that when I am in the position to do so, that I take action as well.

Please enjoy this heartwarming story … then pass it on or pay it forward. She wasn’t being rude (from dogtorbill ).

Scientist: Your Cat Thinks You Are A Big Stupid Cat « CBS Connecticut

I can agree with this. Cats haven’t been bred as purposefully as dogs and have largely not been bred for the same kind of personality traits as dogs…so, they bond with us as their caretakers.

My cats definitely communicate clearly when they think I don’t get it. Aside from their “I meant to do that” look, they have the “Don’t you understand plain cat-lish? We understand english!”

Peek a boo giving me that, "You really are a big stupid human, ya know." look.

Peek a boo giving me that, “You really are a big stupid human, ya know.” look.

Scientist: Your Cat Thinks You Are A Big Stupid Cat « CBS Connecticut.

Miracle on 35th Street…or the Meow Heard Round the City

This is one story of how, concerned people, social networking, and creativity saved a kitten from the busy New York City streets.

When one woman saw a kitten darting around and meowing in the middle of the night, she tried to lure it with food. When she couldn’t catch it, someone posted information on Social Networking sites, then help arrived….

Using a most creative, combination of ideas… sound recordings plus another kitten! Success!

Here’s the now rescued kitten named Bug.

Here is the “must read’ heartwarming story from the Mayor’s Alliance for Animals blog!

Miracle on 35th Street…or the Meow Heard Round the City.

New Little Feral Family – TNR Success

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I thought it only fair to provide a bit of an explanation of sorts. I last posted on National Feral Cat Day as promoted by Alley Cat Allies and feral advocates across the country. The date was October 16, 2013. I intended to TNR a family of cats that I’d been taking care of around my home for several months, but to quote Robert Burns:

“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
Gang aft agley.
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!”

In short, my plans were interrupted by the deaths of two very important people in my life and in my grief I could not find the resources, either emotionally or financially, to properly take on this TNR project. I felt it best to just continue to feed and watch them for a while. So, I do apologize. During the past month my little formerly feral family, my cherished dog, and my patient hubby have coaxed me back from memories and sadness into the present task at hand!

New little ones peeking.

New little ones peeking.

And so it went… I finally set up the drop trap, and on Sunday night I was rewarded by successfully catching Romeo and Juliet. This pair might well be the parents of at least three of my indoor cats. Juliet is definitely the mother of Ebony and she had two more kittens since we caught Ebony. It’s been nice to see what a good mother she is and I really enjoy watching her with the big tom we now call Romeo.

Drop trap set.

Drop trap set.

I was afraid that the kittens might get hurt with the drop trap, but they didn’t. Last night, hubby caught both kittens as they devoured a meal and the trap dropping barely disturbed their meal! Now that hubby has the hang of the drop trap, I bet he becomes as passionate about TNR as I am.

Kittens safely transferred into a crate for taming.

Kittens safely transferred into a crate for taming.

So, Romeo and Juliet are now recovering in crates on the porch and the kittens are together in their own crate and all four have the ability to see, hear and smell each other. We plan the let Romeo and Juliet loose on Sunday. Since they are such a bonded pair we feel it’s only fair to keep them together and let them free together to save them from not recognizing each other because they’d been separated.

Juliet in her recovery room.

Juliet in her recovery room.

Romeo a little less than pleased, right now.

Romeo a little less than pleased, right now.