Comments and Communication


Just so we’re clear…. I am only interested in taking positive action. I am only interested in civil discourse within the TNR and cat community. If you do not value the life of cats, you have no place here. You may read all you like, this blog is public. Only comments appropriate for a public blog will be approved.

That said, differing opinions are welcome as long as they relate to different techniques or suggestions about how to successfully Trap, Neuter, Return (or Rehome), maintain a healthy cat colony, safely catch and socialize feral kittens, find great indoor homes for newly socialized kittens, introduce current pets to newly acquired pets, train cats, or other positive topics.

Occasionally, an unfortunate incident may occur between people or pets and feral cats. I may post something about it and request advice from more experienced TNR community members. I will not approve comments that contain poorly constructed arguments from anti-TNR outliers.