Vanishing Act

Sorry about the vanishing act. It was a misunderstanding. My post about the opossum triggered a WordPress automated spam control that I believe happened when I linked back to the site the opossum… Continue reading

Opossums Like Cat Food

With Tippy and Tiger 2 housed together in a large crate, it’s time to do some more trapping! I set the traps around dusk. Within a couple of minutes, I had another adult.… Continue reading

Feral Kitten Plays with Favorite Toy

Feral Kitten Plays with Favorite Toy. While I’m at the keyboard, I’m sharing a post from someone else who’s taken on some ferals. However, MJ has much more cat experience than I. I… Continue reading

Tippy and Cujo – Two Kittens Have Names!

After our kitty rodeo with the young male, we decided he earned the nickname “Cujo.” Then we turned our attention to the kitten we brought to the clinic along with Cujo. Without getting… Continue reading

Feline Rodeo 2

There really isn’t an easy way for me to tell if I’ve caught a male or a female cat. I wait until the clinic sends me an email. I know the sex by… Continue reading

On a Roll – Catching Ferals….

At first I thought maybe, just maybe Tiger 1’s acceptance of me was just a drug induced lack of concern for his own safety and maybe the next day he would be bouncing… Continue reading

Feral No More – Tiger 1

When I arrived home with the lone kitten, I realized I hadn’t planned exactly what I would do with him. I gathered some fresh towels and put the small crate next to my… Continue reading

Let’s Catch a Kitty – First Catch and Trip to Clinic

I was all set up, at this point and feeling pretty good about it. I’d been feeding the lot of them in and around the traps twice a day, for a week or… Continue reading

Kitten Rodeo Part 1 – Lessons Learned

I had an “a-ha” moment when the kitten I caught went flying past me and right out the door. First, doesn’t matter how tiny they are, these are some powerful animals. Second, I… Continue reading

Kitten Rodeo – Part 1

Dear Havahart, I recently bought one of your Large Collapsible Easy Set® Traps. It is model #1092. I chose this trap because your website says that it’s “Ideal for first time trappers” and… Continue reading