Friendly Stray and Another Day

My first step was to contact the local rescue to begin the process of bringing this cat in to a roomier foster situation. She obviously craves attention. You only need to sit in a room with her and she’ll jump on your lap and rub her head into your hands.

Friendly girl.

Friendly girl.

I began by contacting my vet with the following message:

“Someone abandoned a declawed cat. I brought her indoors, but I can’t keep her (not with all my cats!) 2 questions, can I bring her in to be scanned for a chip, checked over for general health, maybe flea and deworming? Second, can you help me spread the word so we can find her a decent indoor home?”

I got a prompt reply:

“Call us and schedule a time to check the chip. We will help as much as we can. Certainly can a get a dose of Revolution on her for fleas!”

I called and the appointment was set up. They reminded me that a sample from the litter box would be helpful to bring along. I got that together, and brought out a cat carrier, added a fluffy towel and sprayed it with Feliway Spray .   I needed to get to work earlier than usual, so I could start my workday before I could leave and get back to the house, pick up the cat, and rush to the vet’s office. So, I’d need about an hour and a half off from work. (Good thing I have vacation time and a supervisor who will allow me to take time off for an animal emergency at a moment’s notice!)

I brought her to the vet’s office and we found out she was micro chipped! There was a name, multiple phone numbers, an address, an email address, along with a second contact name and number, as well as the vet’s name and number. It sure looks like this is someone’s precious pet and they will be very happy to get her back.

...if she were your missing cat?

…if she were your missing cat?

While the cat and I waited, the vet staff kept calling the numbers until they could make contact. They finally got through and as it turns out, things could not have seemed to be looking any better for this cat. The owner actually works at a veterinary hospital! She would leave work early and pick her cat back up from my vet’s office! Dr. Sutton said there would be no need for me to spend extra money right now, since the owner worked at a vet’s office, the owner’s vet could look the cat over.

This could be a nice beginning to the holiday season! This news made everyone involved feel very happy.

Happy to be going home!

Photo: Three Oaks Animal Hospital

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