Friendly Stray’s Lucky Day

A very skittish stray cat showed up asking for food about a month ago or longer. So, we began putting out a portion for this one. The cat looked long-legged and thin. It seemed to be coming from the yard of the empty house two doors down. I’ve seen it in the yard over there.

As time went by, the cat slowly began to get used to the routine, the fixed-ferals, and us. The cat would always back away and let everyone eat before trying to eat anything. It would run away if approached by any of the ferals and it gave us a wide berth as well.

After a few weeks it came closer, especially since my soft-hearted other half would put extra plates around so there would be no competition for the morning or evening meals. Finally, the cat let him gently touch its fur. Then he began to pet the cat and just last week, he picked the cat up in his arms.

It wasn’t until my other half decided to spend the Thanksgiving weekend out-of-town and the outdoor bunch became my job that I picked her up. Yes, it seems to be a “her.” Beautiful cat. Blue (gray) and white. Friendly, really, really begging to come in the house.

I bent down to get a closer look. Her paws looked a bit odd to me.

Kind of nubby paws... wait a minute....

Kind of nubby paws… wait a minute….


I picked her up and felt for the little nails tucked in velvet paws. Not there.


OK – here’s how you solve this problem!

Step 1

Comfy Spot

Comfy Spot

Make sure she has a comfortable spot while you fix up the only empty couple of square feet in your house! Spray the blanket with Feline Appeasing Pheromone and Catnip Spray.

Spray the blanket first, though.

Spray the blanket first, though.


Step 2

Fix up the spot she can stay for a bit.

Food, water, bedding, softness

Food, water, bedding, softness

Temporary Litter Box

Temporary Litter Box

Get that cat inside where she belongs and feed her!

HungryStray StrayNommm


Step 3

Network with rescues and call your vet!

Now… Here’s why we don’t declaw cats!

If she is someone’s special friend, she might have slipped out of the house and gotten lost while trying to avoid being attacked by a stray dog or victim of some other predator. (So tomorrow the vet will scan her for a microchip.)

Please see these other related web-pages and articles on declawing cats and why we just don’t do that!


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