Miracle on 35th Street…or the Meow Heard Round the City

This is one story of how, concerned people, social networking, and creativity saved a kitten from the busy New York City streets. When one woman saw a kitten darting around and meowing in… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #28 – Learning to Trust

New Little Feral Family – TNR Success

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I thought it only fair to provide a bit of an explanation of sorts. I last posted on National Feral Cat Day as promoted by… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #27 – National Feral Cat Day

“Alley Cat Allies is on the forefront of issues impacting cats – actively tracking, investigating, and exposing threats to cats across the country, as well as announcing successes that promote cats’ well-being. We… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #26

Remember Me Thursday

Remember Me Thursday Poem by Mike Arms “Animal-lovers and animal welfare organizations across the globe will unite on Thursday, September 26, 2013 (the fourth Thursday of September, annually) with a Remember Me Thursday… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday Meets Remember Me Thursday

Please light a candle to raise awareness. Thank you.  

Foster (feline) Friday #3

Fostering a kitten can save a life. Since October of last year, I’ve trapped, taken to the vet, and socialized 8 kittens. Two of them were adopted to new forever homes through the… Continue reading

Foster (Feline) Friday – House of the Discarded

As part of my Foster (Feline) Friday posts, I want to show you what goes on behind the scenes… Here’s a rescue blog post that might give you some insight into how much… Continue reading

Remembering Homer on 9/11 | Gwen Cooper

“On September 11, the ASPCA helped rescue animals trapped near Ground Zero — but, in doing so, they also helped me, and I’m a person. The same goes for Garrett, my pet-sitter, who… Continue reading