Wordless Wednesday #14


10 Hungry Mouths to Feed

My outside fixed feral family now has three cats. There is one fixed tom that comes around, but I wasn’t the one who brought him to the vet originally. I’ve also noticed that… Continue reading

Release Day for Hissyfit

Hissyfit has been waiting and waiting…. And now she’s free again. I prepared to set her loose by using just a little of her kitty litter. I sprinkled a little used kitty litter… Continue reading

What to Do With Feral Cats

Excuse me, but in my humble opinion, proposing mass killings of one species to protect another should invoke an emotional reaction. It’s called having a conscience. via What do Do With Feral Cats.… Continue reading

Ernst: Legislature considers adopting trap/neuter/return as statewide tactic to control feral cats | HeraldTribune.com

Every day, irresponsible people decide they no longer want that kitten (now a cat) that looked so cute when they bought it for their child’s birthday. So they get in the car, drive… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #13

This is Hissyfit. A 7 lb very, feral cat. She went to the clinic and was given and exam, spayed, microchipped, given a 3 year rabies vaccine, feline leukemia vaccine, feline distemper vaccine… Continue reading

Cat Bill Put On Pause Amid Environmental Groups’ Concerns | WFSU

  Releasing stray cats back into society, after they’ve been neutered and vaccinated, could become law in Florida if a bill aiming to help Florida’s cat population in a humane way is passed.… Continue reading

Back to TNR

It’s been quite a busy couple of weeks around here! Most of the busyness had nothing to do with the cats, feral or otherwise. A few weeks ago I noticed that a piece… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #12

Boots was the first to begin playing while the others watched from the sidelines. Spookie watched safely from the window sill. Then Coal noticed a nice cozy box. Peekaboo was, of course, the… Continue reading

Spring TNR Preparations

This week I will be putting my preparations into high gear because I had a visitor this weekend. Actually, I had two visitors, but only one was a concern. I’m not too sure… Continue reading