Holiday Kittens.

I didn’t have any luck this weekend taking the kittens to the adoption event. There are so many cats that rescues don’t have room and there is also a shortage of foster homes.… Continue reading

Musical Chairs – Or ♫ Crates

I’m always looking for ways to use the limited resources I have to provide safe new experiences for these kittens. Face it, if I could keep all of these kittens forever, they would… Continue reading

Feral cat enters dog door, attacks Cape Coral family

Feral cat enters dog door, attacks Cape Coral family. I am much more comfortable reading and posting about wonderful things happening in the TNR community than about one feral cat that made an… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #1

Drop-Trap Advice

I went away for a couple more days and left my hubby and my puppy in charge of the clowder in our living room. When I came back everyone was no worse for… Continue reading

Tippy and Tyler – Ready for New Homes

I do worry that they will get good homes. The right homes for them. I came upon a post from the blog  It’s a Pussy Cats Life… “Kittens are undeniably adorable and we… Continue reading

Feral Photos…

After reading a post about taking photos of a cat over at Cats & Co – Why Won’t My Cats Go On Photo With Me, I decided to play with the camera and… Continue reading

The Cost, but who’s counting?

Wow, I had no idea exactly how much I’d spent since the beginning of this Catventure in TNRehoming. I’ve been lucky that I’ve gotten one donation for $200 and the rescue that said… Continue reading

Cooped Up Kitties and Another Roundup.

I don’t think it’s good for these kittens to continue to live in dog crates! How long can they stay in there and develop properly? I’m not sure, so I’d like to let… Continue reading

The Heroes in This Story.

Behind the scenes of this story are the real heroes, Matt and Sama! Who jumped in to help and didn’t complain, at least Matt didn’t. Matt is the one who encouraged this enterprise… Continue reading