Testing and Drop Trapping…

I began to test the drop trap around noon when I knew there wouldn’t be any cats or kittens watching me and hoping for food. I thought that would give me enough time… Continue reading

All Good News! Another Adopted Kitten

Tyler just went home from PetSmart. She will be well-taken care of as an indoor cat with a a family that loves her. She sure did snuggle up to them. 🙂 And yesterday,… Continue reading

How I Built the Drop Trap

I didn’t have the time, money or motivation to build a drop trap from scratch, but I did have a child’s play pen that I bought when I began this project. I knew… Continue reading

Great Day Today! Tippy Adopted

I am so happy that Tippy found his furever home today! I brought Tippy and Tyler to PetSmart around noon today. They were lucky there’s a vet on site because both of them were… Continue reading

11 Days Away From the Office ~ Drop Trap Time!

For the past couple of weeks, I have not actively tried to catch the remaining kitten. It won’t go into the Havahart trap, and I haven’t had the time to work with a… Continue reading

2 Great D.I.Y. Projects for Cat Lovers

I don’t mean to stray from the topic of my little feral family, but when I got the inspiration to make a cat tree out of the dead tree that I need to… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesdays.

I learned about Wordless Wednesdays from a post on the blog Tails From The Street. This week I am going to begin posting a nice photo each Wednesday in lieu of writing a… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #2

Homemade Cat Tree – Repurposing a Dead Tangerine Tree

Have you seen how expensive cat trees are? The very nice ones are over $100. A few years ago, the tangerine tree in my back yard was green and healthy and provided sweet,… Continue reading

How come you ta do that?

In my mind, I can hear Granny asking me, “How come you ta do that?” I know my reasons for taking in these innocent little creatures even though I never had cats before.… Continue reading