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Danger of Clay Kitty Litter: Clumping Clay Kitty Litters: A Deadly Convenience?

“On the strength of these deductions, I immediately went out and bought a plant-based litter to replace the clumping litter. I also took several of the hard, clay-like lumps of stool produced by… Continue reading

Friendly Stray and Another Day

My first step was to contact the local rescue to begin the process of bringing this cat in to a roomier foster situation. She obviously craves attention. You only need to sit in… Continue reading

Friendly Stray’s Lucky Day

A very skittish stray cat showed up asking for food about a month ago or longer. So, we began putting out a portion for this one. The cat looked long-legged and thin. It… Continue reading

She wasn’t being rude

I know that by now each posting I write has been about cats and my journey with my formerly feral bunch. But today I want to share a story about the difference that… Continue reading

Foster (Feline) Friday – House of the Discarded

As part of my Foster (Feline) Friday posts, I want to show you what goes on behind the scenes… Here’s a rescue blog post that might give you some insight into how much… Continue reading

A Micro-Chip Could Have Saved Her Life

Today I am so sad that I can barely contain my grief. What happened seems so totally unfair and not at all what we wanted to see happen. It makes us fear for… Continue reading

Four-Cat Munity (or) Who Brought that Kitten into the House?

It’s hot down here in SW Florida and staying outside on the porch is not going to help me with little Ebony (Mia’s little daughter). Once I caught her and put her in… Continue reading

ASPCA Research: Is This Cat Feral? | ASPCA Professional

The article quoted below includes a link to a webinar recording by Margaret Slater, DVM, PhD, Senior Director, Veterinary Epidemiology, ASPCA. This is an important, but difficult assessment to make, especially for those… Continue reading

Gotcha – Mia and Her Baby

Just as I began to restock and prepare to begin trapping this spring, a very pregnant cat showed up in my yard. I’ve never been able to catch her or the males that… Continue reading

‘Kids n’ Kittens’ a win-win program |

“Service-Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.” ( National Service-Learning Clearinghouse ) Service… Continue reading