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Danger of Clay Kitty Litter: Clumping Clay Kitty Litters: A Deadly Convenience?

“On the strength of these deductions, I immediately went out and bought a plant-based litter to replace the clumping litter. I also took several of the hard, clay-like lumps of stool produced by… Continue reading

Friendly Stray and Another Day

My first step was to contact the local rescue to begin the process of bringing this cat in to a roomier foster situation. She obviously craves attention. You only need to sit in… Continue reading

Friendly Stray’s Lucky Day

A very skittish stray cat showed up asking for food about a month ago or longer. So, we began putting out a portion for this one. The cat looked long-legged and thin. It… Continue reading

Miracle on 35th Street…or the Meow Heard Round the City

This is one story of how, concerned people, social networking, and creativity saved a kitten from the busy New York City streets. When one woman saw a kitten darting around and meowing in… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #28 – Learning to Trust

Wordless Wednesday #27 – National Feral Cat Day

“Alley Cat Allies is on the forefront of issues impacting cats – actively tracking, investigating, and exposing threats to cats across the country, as well as announcing successes that promote cats’ well-being. We… Continue reading

Foster (feline) Friday #3

Fostering a kitten can save a life. Since October of last year, I’ve trapped, taken to the vet, and socialized 8 kittens. Two of them were adopted to new forever homes through the… Continue reading

Web Extra: Cats at Work Project | Chicago Tonight | WTTW

Here’s a program that provides a useful task for community cats. Their job is rodent control and because they seem to do their job well, they are winning people over. Just give a… Continue reading

Ypsilanti Township sees drastic reduction in feral cat population after pilot program

From Maine to Florida and Virginia to California more and more towns are embracing Trap Neuter Return (TNR) as a solution to overpopulation of feral cats. Why? Because it works. TNR works by… Continue reading

Four-Cat Munity (or) Who Brought that Kitten into the House?

It’s hot down here in SW Florida and staying outside on the porch is not going to help me with little Ebony (Mia’s little daughter). Once I caught her and put her in… Continue reading