Monthly Archive: January, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #29 – Bad Weather


The Old Cat – Life in the Slow Lane

Here’s a blog post from SW Florida (yes, it can get pretty cold down here, too). It’s just a nice story about a lady feeding a stray cat and trying not to name… Continue reading

Scientist: Your Cat Thinks You Are A Big Stupid Cat « CBS Connecticut

I can agree with this. Cats haven’t been bred as purposefully as dogs and have largely not been bred for the same kind of personality traits as dogs…so, they bond with us as… Continue reading

Miracle on 35th Street…or the Meow Heard Round the City

This is one story of how, concerned people, social networking, and creativity saved a kitten from the busy New York City streets. When one woman saw a kitten darting around and meowing in… Continue reading