Foster (feline) Friday #3

Fostering a kitten can save a life. Since October of last year, I’ve trapped, taken to the vet, and socialized 8 kittens. Two of them were adopted to new forever homes through the assistance of a local rescue organization, four of them I adopted, and one is currently being fostered by me. One passed away after her spay surgery because she had a terrible umbilical abscess from being born outside with no human intervention when she should have seen a vet, right after her birth!

I found this blog with regular, thoughtful posts about fostering cats and kittens. If you’re interested in being part of this part of process of saving some feline lives, please do check out the awesome blog called Musings of a Feline Foster Dad: Thoughts and ideas inspired by cats.

“Without human intervention a kitten has a 20% chance of living to see adulthood. That means all kittens essentially live with a death sentence over their heads. It means that if you decide to take on the care of a kitten you need to realize what an awesome responsibility you are taking on. Kitten’s are cute and adorable and hard to resist. Despite the cuteness kittens can get sick and have accidents and suffer fatal consequences as a result. Surviving their accidents may take the form of costly vet bills.” via Musings of a Feline Foster Dad « Thoughts and ideas inspired by cats.