Foster (Feline) Friday – House of the Discarded

As part of my Foster (Feline) Friday posts, I want to show you what goes on behind the scenes… Here’s a rescue blog post that might give you some insight into how much organizational skill, and dedication it takes to accomplish and stick with running a foster-based rescue organization. So, today I’m sharing a link to a wonderful blog called House of the Discarded. I hope you find motivation, inspiration, and admiration for this rescue in Canada by spending just a little time reading about them. I know I did!

English: Animal Rescue

“Part of running any foster-based animal rescue organization is the constant juggling of cats, money, foster parents, and volunteers. The majority of the time, things run smoothly with occasional burps in the process. I’ve never been one of those rescues that can rescue 20 cats and figure it out later where to put them, which has greatly reduced the juggling – and complexity of my life. But I was due for an anxiety filled day.” via House of the Discarded.

A moving GIF showing a basic 3 ball-cascade ju...

Basic 3 ball-cascade juggling pattern: good for juggling explanation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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