A Micro-Chip Could Have Saved Her Life

Today I am so sad that I can barely contain my grief. What happened seems so totally unfair and not at all what we wanted to see happen. It makes us fear for the lives of our own pets and is a stark reminder that a micro-chip can mean the difference between life and death for your pet. Once scanned and the owner contacted we could have helped with a vet bill! Instead, here’s what happened.

Early this morning Sama convinced Hubby that it was a grand day to go to the local dog park. Sama enjoys every part of the process, from putting on the leash, getting in the car and anticipating fun, fun… the nice long ride to the park, then off-leash walkies! Hooray!

OctNovember 027

As Sama was busy checking his “pmail” he got an intense message from someone. His body language changed and he focused all his energy  on deciphering the message in the scent on the ground. Hubby noticed and began to scan the horizon for critters. It could have been a wild animal (not good) or it could have been someone else walking their dog (time to put Daddy on a leash!). Hubby noticed a little black dog alone, and curled up near a bench. He approached carefully talking calmly to the little one. She was not wearing a collar and she didn’t get up. It seemed she had an injured back leg. Maybe she’d been hit by a car.

Hubby gathered Sama to the car and brought a box with a towel to carry the little dog home. She was a purebred mini dachshund with a sweet temperament and eyes that begged for a little help. Hubby drove home and let me know. Of course, I was barely awake and my first thought was that we had to get  her to a vet asap! I called the vet, but they weren’t open yet so I left a message asking for advice and maybe we could bring the little one there.

Then I made THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! I called the local animal control shelter to let them know we found her, in case anyone was looking for her. The shelter said that I couldn’t bring her to my vet, have her taken care of and then bring her in to the shelter to be reunited with her owner… I couldn’t send them a “Found Dog” photo, they wouldn’t post it… and they said that their shelter was the primary place that people look for their lost pets and they have a vet clinic on site… blah, blah, blah.

AND I FELL for it!!! So, we gathered her up and brought her to the “shelter.” We headed for the vet clinic at the shelter and the woman at the counter scanned the little dog for a micro-chip with no luck. She told us we had to take her to the intake area and she would be brought back to the vet from there.

First, I noticed that the people doing the intake were completely disengaged, they didn’t react at all to our statement that this dog needed to see a vet. Paperwork, with official ID, address, phone number and assurance that the animal hadn’t “bit or scratched anyone for the past 10 days” (how the heck would we know, we just met her two hours ago… weren’t they listening?). That’s what their priority was.

“Where did you find her?” they asked.

“At the local dog [name of local dog park] park.” We answered.

“Yes, but where is the dog park?” they asked…

SERIOUSLY? Local shelter workers do not know where the local dog park is?

Then they told us that we could check their website (leelostpets) and see that she was posted.

Found her! She was posted, so I sent the link to Hubby, who had become a bit attached (yes, already) to her. Between my hitting send, and him clicking on the link. The message came up on the website: “Sorry! This animal is no longer in our online database. Please check with the shelter to see about its availability.” So Hubby calls the shelter and they had already killed her!


RIP little one. We’ll keep trying to find your family so they know what happened to you.

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