Foster (Feline) Friday #1

In addition to Wordless Wednesday, I would like to begin Foster (Feline) Friday postings. On Fridays I will be posting a story about foster kitties.

This week I found the “Story of 4 Little Bitty Foster Kittens” over on Love Meow .

Warning: This heartwarming story comes with intoxicatingly cute kitten photos!

“Mamacat aka Jessie is a lovely stray in my neighborhood. She was pregnant when I moved in April 2005 but never brought the babies around. The neighbor cat lady and I watched sadly when she went into heat again. But this time, when her belly started to grow, we made a plan,” said Stacey T., rescuer and volunteer for No Paw Left Behind.

When Jessie was big enough, they went to catch cat momma and bring her into Stacey’s bedroom. “Luckily, we got the litter routine down in the week and a half before the babies came. On July 23, they arrived and I got to help.” The kittens stayed with their mom until they were big enough to be put up for adoption via a local shelter and Jessie the Mamacat was fixed after the kittens were weaned. “And we cat ladies of Fillmore Street breathed a sigh of relief.” via Story of 4 Little Bitty Foster Kittens.