Four-Cat Munity (or) Who Brought that Kitten into the House?

It’s hot down here in SW Florida and staying outside on the porch is not going to help me with little Ebony (Mia’s little daughter). Once I caught her and put her in a large dog crate, I visited twice a day and pretty much left her alone so she could settle down. It must be quite a shock to go from a free-roaming kitten to a caught kitty and there’s really no way to tell her that I sincerely do not intend to eat her! So, she hid in a little curled up ball for a while. She would eat when the crate was covered and she used her litter box, but for three days I did not push any handling on her.


English: A black kitten at full sun against a ...

English: A black kitten at full sun against a white background. Porto Covo, Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


On the fourth day, I closed her inside her Feral Den and brought her in the house. I decided that I would hold and handle her for about 10 minutes before her evening feeding. I’ve learned that kittens can move like lightening! So, I brought her into a room that my cats do not normally use, but I carried her inside the den. Once the door to the rest of the house was closed, I carefully reached inside the den with a towel and gently placed it over her. Then I used my other hand to wrap her like a little burrito before I took her out of the den. I did this for the next two days before hubby and I decided the porch was not going to work as a place to keep her. Between the heat, mosquitoes, and the isolation, we decided Ebony needed to come inside. She’d been with us for nearly a week. Even with all the stress, she’s shown no signs of any illness and she will not be in direct contact with my (vaccinated) cats.



We set up a small crate in the living room. My cats are only allowed in the living room late in the evening after hubby and the big dog are settled for the night. The first night she was in the house, in that little crate, she meowed incessantly. So, Friday was a long day at work after having just a couple of hours of sleep!


Saturday and Sunday began the craziness. The small crate doesn’t allow her much movement so I set her up in a small bathroom off my bedroom. I can go in there frequently to feed or hold her. Ebony warmed up to me pretty quickly, but with all that purring and rubbing her face all over me, she left her scent quite well. So, when I went into my bedroom with the four boys…. OMGosh! It’s like they can see me but because of her scent, they didn’t recognize me. Then began the growling and hissing at each other. This has never happened before.



Back to the internet I go, to look up information from anyone else who has brought a new kitten into the house. I found a very helpful bog to share with you! If you are new to TNR or just curious, please do check out:  Taming Feral Cats / Kittens