Gotcha – Mia and Her Baby

Pregnant visitor

Just as I began to restock and prepare to begin trapping this spring, a very pregnant cat showed up in my yard. I’ve never been able to catch her or the males that seem to hang around with her.

So, she had her kittens. I continued to feed her since she was nursing and extremely hungry. She became fairly friendly. She greets me each day when I come home from work and she walks just a few feet away from me. I decided to name her MiaHsssssssss.

When she finally allowed her kittens to come out of hiding, we saw three little ones. I had hoped she’d bring all three over to my property when they were small, but she didn’t. It wasn’t long before we only saw one kitten. I don’t want to speculate what happened to the other two because it feels like such an epic fail!

Meanwhile, our neighbors had set up a small goldfish pond and the toad population makes feeding the cats very tricky. I set up my havahart trap and a new feeding station and the window for the cats to eat before the toads show up and take over is so small! Before the cats clean their plates, the toads are all over. I’ve caught one of the nasty toads in the havahart, so I need to find a way to keep the toads out and catch only cats. And these cats are very trap shy.

Can Toad

Finally, the lone black kitten began to visit the feeding station. I continued to feed them. I decided to order a couple of Tru-Catch traps. They finally got here last week. The insert in the box gave a bait list for different species. On the list for cats is Catnip! I never thought of using catnip. I know the toads will not be attracted to catnip the same way they are to the cat food.

Last Thursday, I decided to set the new Tru-Catch up with catnip in and around it. Sure enough, the next morning the black kitten was in the trap. Unfortunately, it escaped during a clumsy transfer into a crate (condo) I set up. Dang! Not as easy as it seems….

So, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try again. And yesterday, much to my surprise and relief I caught the little one again. No more transfer mess-ups! I tried to use the kitten to lure the mom into the trap yesterday evening, with no luck.

One day Mia… I’ll have to Gotcha! We can lose anymore litters to the danger outside and we sure don’t want to lose you!