Is A Co-Op the Answer?

I’m back and My Feral Family is no worse for wear. I’m so thankful that they had good care while I was gone! I could tell that they missed me because Sama (the dog) and all four kittens gave me quite a welcome home. Seems like there’s nothing quite as good as the first night home in my own bed, surrounded and snuggled by all those kittens.

The good thing about going away from home for a while is the creative ideas that come up. I keep a notebook for just those ideas. About a week after the idea first comes to me I look it over to see if I still think it’s a good one. I had just such a brainstorm last week and it is still on my mind this week. It’s time to explore the idea with you.

The cost of feeding community/shelter/rescue cats is on my mind. I previously wrote about my concern for the amount of money it costs to feed My Feral Family (4 indoor, 6 or so outdoor cats). I use a minimum of 6 cans of cat food a day, plus a cup or more of dry food. I would prefer to feed the outdoor cats a higher quality of food, but anything more expensive than supermarket cat food is out of the question. When I asked the question I got some advice about where I could buy from and about couponing. Then while I was away, the local animal shelter posted that they use 50 to 60 cans of cat food per day. They were making a plea for cat food donations. It all made me think about the economy of scale. Why not? Let’s start a Co-Op movement for feeding community/shelter/rescue cats! Here’s the math that I’ve done so far…

There are currently 2174 kittens/cats listed locally on Petfinders. Locally, I’ve found approximately 30 rescues that work with cats and there are thousands of free-roaming cats locally. Each of these rescues and individual TNR and community cat caretakers are potential Co-Op members.

Step 1 – contact as many potential members as possible.
Develop database of shelter and rescue organizations
Print Flyers to post at each low-cost spay/neuter clinic
Step 2 – contact Florida Pet Food Distributors for pricing
Pet Food Industry website
Step 3 – work with local attorney to set up Co-Op business entity (can we find a lawyer that loves cats?)

Potential distribution sites:
shopping plaza parking lots
animal control property

Cat and Cat Foods

Cat and Cat Foods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)