Monthly Archive: June, 2013

Why do cats groom people? | MNN – Mother Nature Network

“Adult cats spend about 50 percent of their waking hours grooming themselves. While friendly cats and litter mates often groom each other, felines may also groom their humans by licking their skin or… Continue reading

Summer Weather Tips – Alley Cat Allies

Some of the tips from Alley Cat Allies include: Wet food can dry out – add additional water Regularly provide fresh water Keep feeding area clean to deter bugs Be mindful of the… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #18

Is A Co-Op the Answer?

I’m back and My Feral Family is no worse for wear. I’m so thankful that they had good care while I was gone! I could tell that they missed me because Sama (the… Continue reading

‘Cats in sheep’s clothing’: The ‘poodle’ cat with a quirky gene is declared a breed of its own | Mail Online

“The kitten stood out from the rest of the litter for her unusual curly coat when she was born to a feral cat in Montana in 1987, reports Mother Nature Network. Her curls… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #17 – Missing Mom

Mom’s in NY because her sister had to have surgery. All feral activity stopped and we are with Dad…. We are missing Mom!

D.I.Y. Cat Food Puzzles

Ah yes, the joy of living in a multi-cat, multi-species, multi-person household! Some of us have learned to share, but others…. not so much! We LOVE Spookie, please don’t get me wrong, but… Continue reading

5 Summer Hazards for Cats to Avoid | Pets – Yahoo! Shine

With Summer upon us, it’s time to think about the summer seasonal risks our pet cats face. Cats can and do get heartworm disease. So, while you’re buying heartworm prevention for your dog…… Continue reading