Be Prepared for Disasters – Alley Cat Allies

My Feral Family is heartbroken over the devastation in Moore, OK. Meanwhile in Florida, hurricane season is fast approaching. Alley Cat Allies has a webpage regarding what to do during natural disasters such as these:

“Emergency situations like extreme weather and natural disasters can happen without warning. For the safety of your pets, feral cat colonies, and your family, and your own peace of mind, be prepared and establish a “disaster plan.”

As you plan, it’s important to remember that feral cats are resourceful. The outdoors is their home, so they know how to deal with weather. As we have experienced with our Boardwalk Cats Project in Atlantic City, animals often can sense when bad weather is coming and move to higher ground and safe places instinctually. However, there are still things you can do both ahead of time and during emergencies to help outdoor cats and your own pets:”

via Be Prepared for Disasters – Alley Cat Allies. Galego: Gato ó axexo en Boiro, Galicia Publish by= Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez. Self made (Photo credit: Wikipedia)