Local News :: Granite Falls Press

“This past February Granite Falls was given some very good news—it appears we have become leaders in the field of humane treatment of free roaming cats.

How has this happened? Through TNR —Trap, Neuter, Return—a process where unowned cats are trapped, neutered and vaccinated, and returned to live in the area where they were trapped.

“As with anything in our society, there is controversy about this. But people need to understand this is a huge win-win scenario! Why?

It is humane—whether the cats should be there or not, they are; the debate can go on forever as to should there be cats running loose, but in the meantime these cats are no longer reproducing and the numbers will not climb. The question we need to address is not should there be cats, it is “the cats are there, how shall we treat them?”

It costs our city nothing. TNR is an all volunteer activity, and there are several organizations in our county who provide free spay/neuter services for cats.”

via Local News :: Granite Falls Press.