10 Hungry Mouths to Feed

My outside fixed feral family now has three cats. There is one fixed tom that comes around, but I wasn’t the one who brought him to the vet originally. I’ve also noticed that there are two adults, one male one female, who remain intact. The female just had her kittens somewhere within the past week or so. Very soon there will be more hungry little ones for me to feed.

Cats, Kitten

Cats, Kitten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am now feeding 6 cats outside at multiple feeding stations in my yard, and 4 inside. This morning I decided to take a look at how much money I’m spending on these adorable creatures. The indoor cats eat 2 cans of food a day and about 1 cup of dry food. The outdoor cats eat about 8 cans of Friskies and about 2 cups of Meow Mix. That’s an estimate that I will work from.

My indoor cats eat Newman’s Own Organic Grain Free canned food 5 cans for $6, and Science Diet Oral Care dry food 1 bag per week for $15.48. They eat 14 cans per week. The indoor kitties cost $32 per week to feed. The outdoor kitties cost about $24 per week to feed. In one month I spend a little over $200 in cat food. I was surprised when I did the math this morning at how much it costs to care for these cats! Yes, and the indoor cats require plenty of cat litter, too.


While I feel a bit guilty that I can only provide commercial brand cat food for the outdoor cats, I feel that they are able to supplement their diet with the little things they catch. I also feel that the outdoor cats get more exercise and can stand a little bit higher carb content in their food.

Somehow I need to bring that cost down or bring my income up! Ideas anyone?