Release Day for Hissyfit

Hissyfit has been waiting and waiting…. And now she’s free again.

Photo by Joan Kanes

I prepared to set her loose by using just a little of her kitty litter. I sprinkled a little used kitty litter out by my backyard feeding station and a little by the gate to our fenced in back yard. I’m not really sure exactly which direction her outdoor home is by I hoped to guide her to it using her own smell. I loaded up the feeding stations with some extra food at each station. Then I set about actually turning her loose.

Saturday evening I opened Hissyfit’s crate door, but she remained huddled inside the feral den. That was not a problem. I reached in and closed the port hole door to the den and lifted her out of the crate. I set the den on the floor and stood behind it and I opened the den door.
Since this was right in front of the open porch door, I expected she would come out of the den and run off through the back yard. That’s not exactly what happened. She took a quick right turn and ran into a closet that was open on the porch. I count myself lucky because she could have just as easily run into my house! I’d left the sliding door into the house open.
Who would have thought that she would not run for the yard? I know she missed being out running free while she was cooped up in that crate for so long.
By now it was dark:30. I went inside to grab a flashlight so I could find exactly where she went. I thought maybe she was a little hungry so I fixed her a bowl of soft cat food and put it near the closet door. I went inside and turned off any lights that lit up the porch area and waited.
Around 9:30 it was time for my dog to go out for the last time in the evening. So I used the flashlight to check the closet and my hubby used a flashlight to check the yard. There she was! Sitting on the other side of the fence just watching the house as if she wasn’t sure that the past couple of weeks weren’t all some bad dream.

Hissyfit's recovery room.

Hissyfit’s recovery room.

Sunday evening, she showed up for food at the back yard feeding station. I feel really good about that.