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It’s been quite a busy couple of weeks around here! Most of the busyness had nothing to do with the cats, feral or otherwise. A few weeks ago I noticed that a piece of soffit fell off my house. Then a few more fell, so I contacted a contractor to come fix that and a few other little things around the house. Meanwhile a home inspector came because I bought new homeowners insurance – bad timing. He came before everything was fixed and so the company is canceling my policy. But wait, it gets better…. While the contractor was fixing the house, my car broke down. I took it to a mechanic from one of those big name auto centers…. Big mistake! They gave it back to me worse than when I brought it in there and charged me quite a hefty sum of money. So I had to take the car somewhere else. It was fixed properly and cost quite a bit less than the first place cost.


English: Feral cat showing fear, and lack of s...

English: Feral cat showing fear, and lack of socialization to humans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


While all this is going on, I caught a cat! Yes… I thought she was a stray rather than a feral, but once she was in the crate, she threw quite a fit and I had no way to get her to the clinic. I couldn’t safely handle her. So, I went online and bought a transfer crate and a feral den, both from Tomahawk. I don’t know how I managed before I got these wonderful tools!


Feral Cat Den


This morning I safely and quietly got her into the transfer crate and took her to the clinic. She will be returned to the same place I caught her after a little recovery time on the porch.


With all the confusion over this cat, I’ve reached out to anyone else who does TNR in my county. So far, I haven’t been contacted but I have another plan afoot. I am going to hold a workshop on some piece of this TNR process. Hopefully, I will build some solid local contacts and maybe we can step up the TNR being done around this area.