Monthly Archive: April, 2013

Diatomaceous Earth for Flea Control

I’ve finally come up with a couple of tiny fundraising ideas to help support my  feral cat TNR efforts. The first one is to provide samples of Food Grade – Fresh Water Diatomaceous… Continue reading

Maddie’s Fund – Slideshow: Happy Endings for Orphaned Kittens

Nothing makes the sleepless nights and anxiety worth it to a kitten caregiver like seeing their little charges grow up and get adopted. Check out this slideshow documenting the steps from the earliest… Continue reading

People Who Feed Stray and Feral Cats Make Me Mad | Catster

Let Cooler Heads Prevail. A new post on Catster yesterday caused quite a stir! So, I would like to write a post that addresses points within that opinion piece and some of the… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #16

A little kitten wisdom.

Wordless Wednesday #15

Hungry momma cat is being fed well and becoming very friendly. She meows for food every day and lets me get pretty close to her. She needs a name!

PolitiFact Florida | Bird group cries foul about feral cat bill

Florida legislators are taking up the usual public policy topics this session: health care, taxes and campaign finance reform. Then there’s the bill about feral cats. Don’t call them feral cats, though. Bills… Continue reading

National Pet Day

After the success of National Pet Day 2012, 2013 will once again celebrate the joy that our lovely furry friends bring into our lives! But there is a really sad reason behind why… Continue reading

Missing Cat Reunited With Owners 13 Years Later | NBC 7 San Diego

There are two messages in the following article. The first important message is that micro-chipping your pet gives you a good chance at being reunited if your pet gets lost. The second is… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #14

10 Hungry Mouths to Feed

My outside fixed feral family now has three cats. There is one fixed tom that comes around, but I wasn’t the one who brought him to the vet originally. I’ve also noticed that… Continue reading