Getting Organized for Spring

Is that a Tyrantisaurus walking around?

Is that a Tyrannosaurus walking around?

I’ve finally gotten a tiny bit more organized. All four of my kittens are now spending quite a bit of time every evening running freely around most of my house. Strategically placed baby gates allow them to dart into their room (on one side of the house) or my bedroom (the other side of the house) to escape my dog. Luckily, my dog is very good natured, but according to the kittens, and this is a direct quote, “He doesn’t understand personal space!” <hiss + swat, swat>

What is down here?

What is down here?

I am constantly amazed at the way these kittens move. I was reminded again this week that yes, kittens do fly, when Boots launched himself from my arms so get a better seat at the kitten dinner table. Sometimes when they are playing they just jump straight up in the air for reasons known only to themselves. I am still trying to catch that with my camera!

Running and playing is so thirsty making!

Running and playing is so thirsty making!

I think it will be a while before my little ones relax for more than a few minutes while I’m around. They have so much energy! Good grief, what DO they put in kitten food that makes them seem so hyperactive? I am grateful really that they are all happy and healthy. (Although, the vet bill was astronomical  for the baby shots!)

And now I’m turning some of my attention to preparing for the coming kitten season. I know there are still some adults in the neighborhood that remain intact. One tom cat leaves his calling card by the front door every so often. Apparently, he hasn’t heard what happens if he romances too much around my house! Free food and a trip to a vet.

Over the course of beginning TNR I have gathered an odd assortment of equipment. I now have 3 large dog crates, 1 of some other kind of large cage, 3 havahart traps, 1 homemade drop-trap, 4 extra litter pans, multiple extra metal food dishes and a ton of old towels that have been set aside as “for animal use only.”

Before trapping again there are other recommended pieces of equipment that I would like to have. In particular I think that I would like to have a trap divider, a transfer cage, and one or two additional humane box traps. Alley Cat Allies has nice list of equipment and supplies.

Do you have additional items that you’ve found helpful?