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Cat (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Now that all four kittens have made their peace with each other, it’s fun time. I can spend more time just enjoying their company and less time working to  integrate the final kitten in with the group.

Tonight I plan to use the information in the article below to learn more about how my cats are getting along and who is who in the hierarchy of the playroom. (Hopefully, I’ll get a nice Wordless Wednesday photo or two! 🙂 )

“Cats rub against their companions to mingle their scents and reinforce their bond. A cat’s social standing can be measured by how often other cats rub against her. Cats higher up the hierarchy are rubbed against a lot, while lower ranking cats do most of the rubbing.”

via Do Cat Families Have a Hierarchical Structure? | Catster.

Kittens at play

Kittens at play