3 Amazing Animal Welfare Websites

Today I found some amazing websites while I searched for more blogs that focus on TNR. I used Google blogsearch with “TNR cats” as my search term (apparently TNR can also stand for The New Republic – a political magazine  🙂 ) While blogs didn’t readily show up, a wonderful website for an organization called Maddie’s Fund did. That website has an abundance of valuable information for anyone concerned with animal welfare causes. I particularly hope you get a chance to see the page entitled How You Can Help with a list of specific actions an individual can take, a valuable guide to charitable giving, a list of how-to articles for hands on helping, and activities for parents who want to introduce their children to helping homeless animals.

Maddie’s Fund – How You Can Help

The Maddie’s Fund website led me to another great website from an organization that researches and publishes articles about animal welfare. The Firepaw Foundation research led to the development of a program called Companion Animal Renters Program (CARP). CARP is wonderful because it provides evidence based guidance for both landlord’s and tenants about how they can successfully rent to pet owners. The link “Paws to Think” leads to the Companion Animal Renters Study which states, “Housing issues represent one of the largest causes of involuntary human-animal separation.” If you look at the bottom of the pages of that study, you will find the web address for another organization called Petsavers, which is the development area of North Shore Animal Shelter.

I will add all these links to the educational list of links on the sidebar, but I couldn’t add these without telling you how great the information looks!

I’d love to know what kinds of foundations and informational sites (that I don’t already have linked to my blog) that you’ve found. Please, do tell…..

Thank you for stopping by...

Thank you for stopping by…