TNR Clinic Practices

I caught another cat on Tuesday! This time it was a female. I took this one to a different clinic. Our local animal control provides free spay/neuter for feral cats under their Spay Our Strays program known as Operation S. O. S.

The TNR program was implemented in March 2009. Prior to that time, all trapped feral cats that were brought to animal control in our county were euthanized. In 2007-2008 that meant 2,178 cats and kittens ( PDF doc pg 12). Another great program in our county is called the Barn Buddy Program. If a dog or cat is brought in that just won’t work out as an indoor pet, they are adopted out to places that can provide them a nice outdoor environment, such as a farm. Still in 2012 nearly 50% of animals that come to the shelter are euthanized. Something is wrong, don’t you agree?


English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meanwhile, I am slowly learning about low cost spay/neuter clinics in our area. I am a bit afraid of them, if the truth be known. There’s a fear that I’ll get what I pay for and I’m trying to balance that with, the less expensive the clinic, the more animals I can help. I heard that the administrator of one local clinic is skimming money from the fees. This might be true or it might not, but why does that particular clinic insist on upfront CASH ONLY payments? No debit, no credit. That does make me wonder. I’ve read reviews online of other clinics that warn the public not to go to them. And all the clinics are a bit of a ride from where I live and work.

So, this latest clinic at the county animal control seems like a pretty good deal. It’s a 15 minute drive away and it’s free for TNR. But… yeah, you knew that BUT was coming didn’t you? When the cat was returned to us, she was returned without a scrap of information. The only clue that was left was a circled F on the info slip on her trap. I knew then the cat was female.

Here’s what I read on Alley Cat Allies site and I quote:

The cats should be returned to you in the same covered traps in which they were brought to the clinic, with clean newspaper inside. You will receive medical records, including rabies vaccine certificates. Be sure to save these!”(from the Alley Cat Allies Post-Surgery page)

– I repeat, the cat came back sans info!

Thank goodness there are people out there like the cat guy and friends! I called for some help and got the advice I needed to care for the cat until I could contact the clinic and ask for more information.