Pets and Vets and Winter Colds, Oh My!

Now that I’ve decided that the kittens are mine, I need to learn about giving them the best possible life they can have. In my mind that begins with their health. There’s not one member of my family, two or four legged, who is perfectly healthy. Hubby and I both have some kind of winter malady that includes being generally tired, having a stuffy nose and head, accompanied by coughing and sneezing. Sama, the dog, has an impossible itch that seems to get worse once I’m finally sleeping. This itching includes shedding clumpy bits of fur everywhere and him scratching and chewing himself to bits! I’ve been watching three of the kittens with a bit of a cough and all four kittens need to see the vet for shots.

A box of Scotties tissues

A box of Scotties tissues (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, it’s doctor time around my house! The vet visits began on Saturday and will continue tomorrow. Once they’ve been seen and had their shots, I’m going to have to buy some pet health insurance for them. Sama was the first to go to the vet because I am very worried about the severity of his itchy skin and his level of discomfort. Also, I cannot think of a way that I could possibly manage a visit to the vet with multiple cats and a dog simultaneously.

The vet took blood from Sama and the initial impression is that Sama has a hypothyroid problem. I don’t want him to have any problem, but that diagnosis would explain so much and since it is treatable, I hope the blood work is definitive and he begins treatment or that weekly baths with medicated shampoo and daily vitamins solve the problem! I should know something this week.

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Next is the kitty crew! Tomorrow morning Csizma (Boots) will have his initial appointment with a vet. The other kittens have been telling him what is about to happen, but he doesn’t believe a meow of it. I will head out at 8 am with him. Then I’ll pack up the rest of the crew and take them to see the vet that will be their doctor for their whole lives! I’ve had some vets in the past that I have been very unhappy with, in fact, I blame one vet for the early demise of two of my dogs – Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn – and then I met Dr. Terry! She is wonderful! I’ve learned so much from her throughout the four and a half years that we’ve had Sama in our lives. I just never knew how careful you needed to be when choosing a vet. Our former vet was arrested for allowing her husband to practice veterinary medicine without a license!  

Since these are now my own kittens, I’ve decided to invest in some nice carriers. Each kitten should have his own. I chose Suncast Deluxe Pet Carrier  and I bought them from Amazon. The carriers arrived on Friday. They arrived completely assembled and they are fine!