Can You Give the Flu To Your Dog or Cat? | Surprising Science


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Can You Give the Flu To Your Dog or Cat? | Surprising Science.

For the roughly 100 million U.S. households that have a cat or dog, this news might trigger immediate concern, and the researchers say that anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms should distance themselves from their pets in much the same way they would from other people. Since this area has been the subject of so little attention, they say that there might be many more undiscovered cases of the flu jumping from humans to pets. “It’s reasonable to assume there are many more cases of this than we know about, and we want to learn more,” Loehr said.

We often think about illness and parasites that pets can pass on to us, but what about them catching something from us? This is a good reason to wash your hands frequently and using all those habits we think of for not passing our colds and flu to our colleagues and family when we’re around our pets.