First Successful (?) Drop Trap Experience

The kitten walked warily into the drop trap, right on schedule. I crouched behind the blind I made clinching the chord. Just as described, the kitten took a couple of mouthfuls of food while its eyes searched for anything moving. I waited. Then suddenly, I shifted my weight and yanked the chord. The trap dropped and the kitten froze in place.

I mean it froze! Like a statue. Didn’t move. OMGosh! If its eyes didn’t blink I would have thought I scared it to death. So I worked quickly and quietly to cut the zip ties and lift the flap opening to the towel-covered havahart trap. Still the kitten did not budge. Not even a bit.

I waited and finally it got over being startled and meowed around the trap, but would not go through the opening. I didn’t want to touch the kitten because I didn’t know if it would bite or scratch or what it would do.

First I tried tapping the kitten with a long twig and tried to herd it into the opening. Nope. Now I know where the expression about herding cats originated! This cat was not about to be herded. Next I tried a small spray of water. Oh yeah, it moved then… but not where I wanted or expected it to go. This little smarty went to the ceiling of the trap and found its way between the play pen mesh and the landscape net fencing! Then it got itself into the tightest corner it could and I really thought it was going to die there because it got still again, but I could touch its side and I knew it was breathing.

I called hubby in to help. I knew if I could get everything into the house, the kitten would be OK. So we carried the kitten, drop trap and all into the house and the kitten sprang to life! It darted past four crates with siblings and other kittens and dashed under the entertainment center and nestled amongst the cable TV cables and dust bunnies.

Now we had kitten rodeo # (I lost track!) At least, hubby and I had this part pretty well practiced since we’d had two other kittens get lose in the house before we were able to handle them. We blockaded off the area where the kitten was hiding and put a large open dog crate with food and soft bedding and the kitten decided it looked more comfortable than the cramped hiding spot.

The kitten did finally forgive my error… not enough zip ties. I shoulda had them MUCH closer together! This is one of the sweetest kittens I’ve ever handled. I am pretty sure it’s a boy, but I will wait for the official word from the clinic! Surgery appointment is set for January 15th!

Gaps between the zip ties allowed the kitten to get between the net and the plastic fencing material. Keep the zip ties closer together!

Gaps between the zip ties allowed the kitten to get between the net and the plastic fencing material. Keep the zip ties closer together!