Great Day Today! Tippy Adopted

I am so happy that Tippy found his furever home today! I brought Tippy and Tyler to PetSmart around noon today. They were lucky there’s a vet on site because both of them were too young when I took them to the clinic to get their rabies shot. So, they got a quick check-up and a rabies shot.

Then I had to leave them in those “fishbowl” looking crates. 😦 I did it. I spoke with volunteers from the rescue that agreed to take them on. Top priority for me was “good home” secondarily, I would have loved for Tippy and Tyler to go to the same home.


I left and went home to clean their crate while they were out. I decided I’d go back and talk to the kitties at 2:30, and again at 5pm when PetSmart closes on Sunday. The rescue people said if both don’t get adopted today, I should leave them there and let them get used to the place and just check in from time to time. (So they know Mom is still around and they can feel safe.)

I went back around 2:30 and was told that Tippy had been adopted only about a half an hour after I left him there. He came right out of his fishbowl crate and connected with a woman – who loves animals but can’t have dogs and is lonely and wants to rescue some kitties.

Tippy - see the short stripe on his neck? That's how I know it's him!

Tippy – see the short stripe on his neck? That’s how I know it’s him!

I brought Tyler home tonight because she didn’t make friends with any of the other kittens and it might be too much for her to stay alone at PetSmart. (If Tippy wasn’t adopted they could have both stayed, but not just one lonely kitten!)

Happy Holidays, Tippy! Congratulations on your new home!