11 Days Away From the Office ~ Drop Trap Time!

For the past couple of weeks, I have not actively tried to catch the remaining kitten. It won’t go into the Havahart trap, and I haven’t had the time to work with a drop trap. The Cat Guy did send me instructions on how to build one and I’ve read everything I could find about making and using them.
Good news today! We’re getting out of work early. I have most of the materials I need for this trap, so it looks like today is the day! I have at least 5 hours before feeding time and some work to do. The trap that I’m going to work with should look a lot like the one found on The Daily Mews.

Drop Trap photo on The Daily Mews http://thedailymews.com/catchat/Dolly.htm

I am going to use the child’s play pen that I naively thought I could use as a holding pen. This was before I learned that kittens could fly!