Homemade Cat Tree – Repurposing a Dead Tangerine Tree

Have you seen how expensive cat trees are? The very nice ones are over $100. A few years ago, the tangerine tree in my back yard was green and healthy and provided sweet, juicy tangerines in December. The tree was old when I bought the house, but recently it’s been dying, bit by bit. I’ve put off cutting it down, but I think it’s time.

The tree is mostly dead now.

The tree is mostly dead now.

My plan is to remove the dead twigs and as much of the bark as possible while the tree is standing in the back yard. Then I will cut some of the larger limbs and work with them until I know exactly where I want to put perches. I will use concrete forming tubes and plywood to make perches and cover them with carpet scraps. I’ve also found some nice sisal rope to wrap around the lower part of the tree trunk to make a nice long scratching post.

Cost for cat tree:

  • $6.48 Sisal Rope
  • $7.25 Concrete Forming Tube
  • $4.00 carpet remnant
  • +tax and miscellaneous supplies

Total ~ a little over $18.00