How come you ta do that?

In my mind, I can hear Granny asking me, “How come you ta do that?” I know my reasons for taking in these innocent little creatures even though I never had cats before. I’ve done it because I don’t like to sit around and complain about something when I have a clear choice to do something. I’ve found catching these animals in a Havahart pretty exciting. I’ve enjoyed working with them so they’ve become friendly. I love to hear them purring. They are so entertaining to watch.

And I must admit the little creatures are growing on me. I’ve become attached to the point that I am very motivated to find them good homes. I hope they can spend this holiday with a family that will love them like I do.

I found that the trapping and the socializing are the fun, easy parts of this. The hardest thing is to find good homes for them now that they are clearly ready.

What event or person in your own life lead you to TNR? What motivates you to stick with it?