Musical Chairs – Or ♫ Crates

I’m always looking for ways to use the limited resources I have to provide safe new experiences for these kittens. Face it, if I could keep all of these kittens forever, they would not still be in large dog crates!

I am dealing with the situation I have though, so I am always looking for something new and not too frightening to challenge them with. Last night, I decided to play a bit of musical chairs with them. By moving the kittens to different crates, they have new smells and new neighbors to investigate.

I moved the kitten with their own litter box and whatever toy I see them using most.Before putting the kitten into a new crate, I sprayed a tiny bit of feline pheromone spray in the crate and waited about 15 minutes.

Last night I moved Coal to the crate the other large (still unnamed!) kitten was in and that kitten into Coal’s former crate. The large kitten surprised me by playing for an extended time with Peekaboo. Coal’s new crate has more height as well as a corrugated cardboard scratch board, which he found fascinating and fun!

Now that it’s Friday, we might explore this concept a bit more since both kittens seemed to enjoy exploring new territory with low pressure. I have not been able to put the kittens in with other kittens because they seem to “own” their crates and view a new addition with less than a generous spirit. So, I will take Tippy (or Tyler) and Peekaboo and move them into the large crate that Coal is in, and move Coal and the other large kitten into the crate Tippy and Tyler are in now. Then move the remaining kitten into a different crate.