Feral cat enters dog door, attacks Cape Coral family

Feral cat enters dog door, attacks Cape Coral family.

I am much more comfortable reading and posting about wonderful things happening in the TNR community than about one feral cat that made an unfortunate news story. There’s a lot about this story that is upsetting to me, but what is worst is the comments that followed the story.

This is rare case of a feral cat looking for food. According to the news last evening, the cat is scheduled to be euthanized on Friday.

My question to the TNR community is this: How do you keep the colony healthy and free from parasites and current on vaccinations? I am curious about the released adult cats. My plan, as you can see from previous posts, is to work with the kittens and the local cat coalition to find homes for the kittens that I can’t keep. (I really can’t keep them all!)