Drop-Trap Advice

I went away for a couple more days and left my hubby and my puppy in charge of the clowder in our living room. When I came back everyone was no worse for wear, except the hubby and the puppy were very tired and oh, so happy to see me. Not that I’ll be leaving again anytime too soon. Hopefully, that’s the last of my roaming until May.

I decided to get back to trapping and even though the one last kitten is pretty used to seeing me out there, it’s not about to go into the havahart. I did catch two opossums again and was wondering what to try next. I contacted the thecatguy over at Backyard TNR.  I told thecatguy what I’ve already tried including covering the traps with towels, putting towels in that have been used by the now-socialized rest of the litter, baiting the trap with Fancy Feast, Sardines, Mackerel, Wiskas and Science Diet kitten food. I’ve even sprinkled cat nip in the trap area. I’ve tried just after dawn, just before dark, and during the day.

I love to get advice from those more experienced than I am with most everything that is new to me. It’s how I meet new people these days and I do learn quite a bit. Everyone that I’ve met who is involved with TNR seems so nice. I never would have thought I would enjoy this getting involved with TNR so much. Now I wonder what took me so long!

TheCatGuy had some new advice for me, trying a drop-trap. My usual process for following up on advice is looking up more information on the subject. I’m big on trying to minimize my mistakes. I say minimize because I know the first few times I try anything, if there’s a mistake to be made, I’ll make it!

I did find a few interesting posts about drop traps at: Drop Trap Design Bank

After all the reading, I am thinking about how to apply what I’ve just learned to the specific kitten in question. Meanwhile, I’m still enjoying my time with the ones I’m fostering and bonding more and more with Coal.