Cooped Up Kitties and Another Roundup.

I don’t think it’s good for these kittens to continue to live in dog crates! How long can they stay in there and develop properly? I’m not sure, so I’d like to let them out each day for a while. Last night was the first attempt.

We currently have one room in the house that is not cluttered beyond reason. I think it’s safe to let the kittens play together in that room a bit each day. I made sure the room was safe and then I put a few toys on the floor in the middle of the room. I brought Coal in to the room first because I’ve handled him quite a bit and he is the one that spends a lot of his time out of a crate in a bathroom. The second kitten I brought into the room was Peekaboo because he is shy and because when Coal is in a crate, the crate is next to Peekaboo’s crate. Then I brought the older striped kitten because he is also in a crate by himself. Finally, I brought Tippy (canoe) and Tyler (too)!

Then I sat on a chair and watched. They moved around the floor walking in a semi crouched posture. They greeted each other then they explored the room independently and hesitantly it seemed to me.

After several minutes of exploration, Tippy wanted to play. He began darting around like a child on a sugar high! Tyler growled and swatted anyone who came near. Peekaboo hid under a bookshelf. Coal and the other larger kitten kept their exploration going.

When we decided to round them all up and put them back in their crates for the night, none of them came to us, Tippy and Tyler were the first to come out for the tasty treat I had in a plate for them, Peekabook meekly accepted my carefully pulling him out from under the bookshelf, Coal and the larger kitten made me work to catch them. None of the kittens fought me once I got a hold of them.

I am not sure what all this says about these kittens or how well they will adjust once they’re settled in adoptive homes, but each night I will watch to see if they gain confidence.