The Heroes in This Story.

Behind the scenes of this story are the real heroes, Matt and Sama! Who jumped in to help and didn’t complain, at least Matt didn’t. Matt is the one who encouraged this enterprise and only became a bit concerned when there seems no end to the supply of kittens, and a definite end to the supply of space for them!

The man behind the scenes!

Sama has also been very good! I wasn’t sure what to expect from him. He’s been an only fur-baby since I brought him home nearly four and a half years ago. He has also made quite a sport out of running after, but never catching feral cats in the yard. His only reward for that has been a good run and sometimes a bit of kitty-caviar (cat poo! Ick!), and that is a delicacy for him.

Did you say, "Kitty cat?" OMDog!!!!!  - Well, if you insist.

Throughout this kitten round-up, I’ve been intermittently absent. It so happened that I had preplanned travel, but the feral kitten group and their mother were having none of it when they showed up!

We caught two kittens November 4th   took them to the clinic one came home that day and the little white baby died in recovery. The next day we caught two more kittens. Then I left Matt with two kittens and one grown cat, and he figured out how to work with them, and he turned the cat loose after a couple of days. I was gone for about four days!

I came home and we continued to catch another kitten. We nearly had things figured out and it was time for me to go to NY for a week to visit my mom and sister, and the night before I left, we caught another kitten! Meanwhile, Matt was trying to do the best for three kittens and a large dog and go to work.

Wouldn’t you know it, but the day I came back from NY, was the day we caught Coal.


There is still two more cats in the back yard that need to go to the clinic. The mother and the last baby who is getting a bit old to be easily socialized. We have run out of crate space although we have finally settled a bit with a routine for meeting everyone’s food, cuddle, play, and other needs. Matt and I are happily exhausted. I am ready to begin catching the last two (do you really think it will be the last two?) i will be leaving again to go to Texas this Sunday and won’t be home until Tuesday. Tomorrow is the last day this week that the clinic does spay and neuter procedures, and Saturday I hope that Tippy and Tyler (aka Bounce and Pounce!) will be adopted into their forever homes.

Then we can work on those last two kitties!