Welcome Home, Coal!

I’ve finally caught up to the present time with this kitten story. We have Tippy (Tiger 1) and Tyler (Tiger 2). If you’re not familiar with those names going together, it’s from “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too,” a campaign song in the 1840 presidential election. I think the names just go together.  Then we have the two larger kittens, “the feral one” and Coal. We do need a name for “the feral one.” He’s no longer feral and he loves a good cuddle almost as much as Coal. Last but not least, we have Peekaboo. I call him that because he loves his little hidey-hole  in the corner of his crate. Peekaboo is the kitten we got used to human contact before we brought to the clinic and they decided he was an “owned kitten” vs a “feral kitten.”

Now for an update.

This past weekend, I noticed a tiny spot of blood on the bathroom sink. Coal is the only one who spends nights in there. He does so because his crate is just way, too, small! I checked him over and noticed that his incision area seemed to be protruding and it didn’t look like the other male kittens. I didn’t see any fresh blood, and he wasn’t licking, but I was still concerned.

Around 2 pm, I did see some blood when he used his litter box. Why does this stuff always happen on a Sunday? I put him into the pet carrier and off to the Emergency Vet we went. I’m glad I went because he had an infection and it was becoming an abscess. He was also running a bit of a high temperature. The vet cleaned the area and the infected material came out. She also gave him some fluids. I came home with a sulking kitten in an elizabethan collar (a.k.a. “The Collar of Shame”) and a bottle of prescription antibiotics. My instructions were to take him to my own vet today to have his progress and posterior checked.

After spending an additional $170 in vet bills for this guy, there’s no way I’m ever going to let him go. He’s definitely mine!

Coal - this would have been perfect if it had better focus.

Coal – this would have been perfect if it had better focus.

Welcome home Coal!