Cat Toys and Kitty Litter

We found another large dog crate at a yard sale. We felt we were in pretty good shape with crates. With the new kitten coming home from the clinic, we put him in the third large dog crate in our living room. Yes, it was getting a bit crowded in there, but… there’s always room for one more kitten, right?

I’ve bought some toys for the kittens, Tippy and Tiger 2 were not only begging for attention when we came into the room, they were playing with each other in the crate. The older kitten, was pretty vocal as he cheered them on, and the newest kitten was spending his time recovering.

I decided to put one of those round track like kitten toys in the crate with them. The first one I bought was called “The Incredible Motor Mouse Toy.” They enjoy that toy tremendously. But I felt sorry for the older kitten. Luckily, a friend gave me another toy. This one  has a ball that twinkles as it goes around the track. I was given a package of ping pong balls along with the rounded track toy. I put the toy in with the larger kitten and he began playing.

I’m no cat psychologist, but when a kitten relaxes enough to play in the crate, I take that as a sign they are beginning to relax and consider themselves at home. It was only a day or so later when the larger kitten began to allow us to pet him in his crate and he began seeking attention, rather than running to the back of the crate and “hiding” in the litter box!

I noticed the newest kitten sounded like he had a cold. At least, he sounded a bit congested and periodically, he would let out the cutest little sneeze I ever heard! My cat savvy friends suggested I try some “dust free litter.” OK, how hard can it be to choose litter? By best cat litter, I mean is it safe for kittens and will it help control some of the odor? Up until now I was using the generic, plain clay litter that I bought for starting plant seeds last spring.

I had no idea where to begin, so I searched and found a few articles online. We ended up buying dust free clumping litter. I can’t really say that it controls odor any better than the clay. It does seem easier to clean and right now there is considerable confusion in the house as we get ready to go to work. So our decision was based a bit on convenience for us and concern for our little sneezing friend.

What are your favorite cat toys for kittens?

What kind of litter do you use and why?