Yet Another Kitten Rodeo – and lesson learned!

Picture if you will, my living room. It’s a very cramped place with not a bare spot along the wall. Now add two dining room chairs facing each other and place a small crate on that. Add a large dog crate on top of the rattan trunk. We’ll fit a case of canned kitten food and some toys in a pile somewhere.

What is left is about 4 ft by 4 ft of walking space.

Now, add one bewildered 118 lb five-year old dog who has, for the entire five years, been the center of attention and two adults who have not been around cats or kittens and until very recently had absolutely no desire to. Add a couple of feral kittens, cute as they are, that require some regular attention, feeding, litter cleaning, playing and cuddling.

That is the new normal in my home. Oh, did I mention that both adults have full-time jobs?

On to the next rodeo….

After we let Cujo free, Tippy was moved into the large dog crate. This left Tippy’s smaller crate for our newest arrival from the clinic. This one is about five or six weeks older than Tippy and he is not at all happy! His normal posture is crouched and his tone is growling. It will be quite a while before we get a purr out of this boy. He is young though, about 12 weeks old, so we hope to socialize him.

The next morning, we decided that he couldn’t stay in the cramped crate without the crate being cleaned. Hubby donned his leather gloves and I suggested we use a towel to wrap the mini-feral in. Hubby’s plan was to hold the kitten while I cleaned and restocked the crate with a bit of food, some water and fresh litter.

Hubby vetoed the towel and went right in to carefully remove the little guy. OMGosh! Did you know that kittens can nearly explode with ferocity when they don’t want to be handled? Oh boy, that goodness hubby had the leather gloves on because that little cat twisted, claws a flyin’, and jaws snappin’!

Lesson learned (by hubby) – don’t forget the towel next time!!! And maybe read up on handling these cute little kittens BEFORE you try to handle them!