Another Cat Blog…

I am looking at a few other blogs with postings about rescued cats and kittens and finding like-minded souls. I found the following post charming and I think you might, too.  Cativersary. It’s about a found cat, a hesitant rescue owner who questioned her decision to take the cat in, and it has a happy ending.

A happy ending is really what I am looking for with my little ferals.  I don’t know how, or if, after all the care, commotion, and nurturing, we will be able to peacefully be able to let go of control of these babies.

I was thinking about the people who might adopt these kittens… What if it’s a teenager who is going through a phase and gets bored when the kitten is grown? What if it’s a young couple and they decide they can’t keep the cat because they’re expecting a baby?What if it’s an elderly person who won’t outlive the cat and their family won’t keep it? What if it’s a family that doesn’t take the cat to the vet regularly? What if…? what if…?

I am wondering how to stop obsessing about the future families of the kittens we saved from an outdoor life of fending for themselves. We put the effort in because we want these little creatures to have a good life, healthy, well-taken care of, and most of all – loved.

How do you let go? Please comment.