Opossums Like Cat Food

With Tippy and Tiger 2 housed together in a large crate, it’s time to do some more trapping! I set the traps around dusk. Within a couple of minutes, I had another adult. Wow… could this be the mother cat?

I put the towel over the trap and lifted it. I remembered from our rodeo with Cujo that the feral, grown cats seem powerful and a bit dangerous. As much as I wanted to put my arm under the trap to carry it, I used the handle on the top of the trap. There’s a metal plate there that protects your hand when you carry the trap by the handle.

The cat suddenly bolted from one side of the trap, to the side that has the closed door. When it did, the door opened and the cat escaped.

I took the trap back near the house to examine, rebait,and reset it. I set it down and went out to look at the remaining two traps. They seemed fine, still baited and open. Ready for a catch. When I walked back to the house a small cat darted past me. It was getting too dark too see clearly.

The trap looked fine, so I put more cat food inside, reset the trap and carried it out to where the trapping was happening. I walked away. I did notice that it was rather dark by now, but I knew that with the flashlight, I could see if I caught something or not.

A little while later, I thought I caught something so I took a walk out there…. Yes, I caught something alright! A opossum! To me opossums seem like nasty rats. I don’t know much about them but they are pretty big and seem to have some terrible teeth! I was a bit afraid. I walked back to the house to ask hubby to come with me to let this thing loose (safety in numbers?). He grabbed a flashlight and we went out there. When we got there, the trap was empty!

Image from VaMoose Varmit website.

So that was two creatures in one evening that ran loose from the Havahart in spite of my best efforts and intentions. Did I give up? Ah, heck no. I reset the trap one more time.

When I went out a bit later, there was a kitten in the trap. This one was not from the litter I originally set out to trap, but not as large as Cujo. This kitten was about double the size of the little ones I’ve been catching. I believe it was the kitten that ran past when I brought the trap to the house for inspection. The next morning would be another trip to the clinic!

Lessons learned: Don’t trap feral cats/kittens after dark! You don’t know what kind of critter you will attract with the cat food!