Tippy and Cujo – Two Kittens Have Names!

After our kitty rodeo with the young male, we decided he earned the nickname “Cujo.” Then we turned our attention to the kitten we brought to the clinic along with Cujo. Without getting into details, I had a similar surgery – with an abdominal incision –  some rest and relaxation is definitely what this little girl needed. Within one day, she was also feral no more! Meanwhile, Cujo would spend two more days and nights in the crate on the porch, then he was turned loose to live freely in peace.

We gave her those two days and nights in her very own space then we put her into the big crate with her very social brother.

Tippy and Tiger 2

I resisted giving these little cuties names, especially the ones that we bring into the house and are working to socialize. I believe that giving them names somehow bonds me to them. Once I begin thinking of them as Boots, Mittens, Kitty, Cuddles, or Tigger, I’m done for… they own me and I own them. I mean to foster – FOSTER – these kittens! Of course once they’ve spent time purring as I’ve held them, this becomes a difficult task. In spite of my effort to resist, Tiger 1 is now Tippy (because of his ear tip).

Sharing a space. Tippy and Tiger 2

I’ve noticed that the female kitten is feistier and Tippy is mellow. Tippy readily purrs, the female (Tiger 2), takes her time to purr. You have to earn the purr. My dog thinks this is grand entertainment. He now has his very own CatTV. He just walks up to the crate and peers in. Tippy gives the dog a look that seems to imply he could care less, Tiger 2, the little female flattens her ears and gives him a hiss that sends him into a barking fit.

Both kittens play and snuggle and eat from the same bowl – cuteness quotient is very high! This is the first time I’ve seen close up why people love to have cats and find them so entertaining.  I am beginning to bond more and more with Tippy.