Feral Kitten Plays with Favorite Toy

Feral Kitten Plays with Favorite Toy.

While I’m at the keyboard, I’m sharing a post from someone else who’s taken on some ferals. However, MJ has much more cat experience than I.

I just am hoping the blogsphere will notice a few things about me…

  1. I am new to blogging
  2. I am new to feral cats
  3. I read and appreciate comments from those more experienced than I
  4. I read an appreciate all encouragement

It should also be noted that Ruthrawls has some very good advice for me, and if you’re new to the feral cat care scene, please do that her comments into account! They are very helpful bits of advice.

Ruthrawls Feral Cat tagged posts.

Thank you and please stop by both of these blogs when you get a chance!