Feline Rodeo 2

There really isn’t an easy way for me to tell if I’ve caught a male or a female cat. I wait until the clinic sends me an email. I know the sex by the paperwork they send.

I did not catch the mother (I’ve learned it’s called the queen). I caught a 3 year old male. I guess I won’t be listening to his crooning anymore!

There’s a conflict in what I’ve been told by rescues and what I’ve been told by the clinic. The rescues say to keep the spayed/neutered cat/kitten for a few days recovery prior to letting them loose. The clinic says to let them loose immediately. Here’s the rationale: the clinic says keeping them will stress them out and that will interfere with recovery. At the same time, they say you need to check the surgical site for any sign of infection and that you shouldn’t allow the cat to lick the site. Cats should be kept a bit quiet and not jump or run around for 7 to 10 days. The rescues say that if you keep them for a few days to heal, it’s better for them…. So, let them loose, keep them confined…. Who knows best?

We chose to give the cat a couple of days in a dog crate on our porch. I set up the crate with some food, water, and a container with some litter…. My hubby maintained that the cat needed more comfort. I had one of those cat cozies – a pyramid shaped soft structure that the cat could go inside and curl up for a good sleep.

With the cat in the crate, we needed to open the door and put the cat cozy in there. My hubby put a leather glove on his hand, and with both of us at one side of the crate, he carefully opened the crate door and very, very slowly put the cat cozy inside the crate….

BAM! Game on! The cat flew from one side of the crate toward the open door! Hubby closed the door quickly, but it was like a scene from a scary movie where something happens so suddenly you jump in your seat! All teeth, claws forward the cat hit the door.

WOW! Do not EVER underestimate the power or speed of a feral cat! We came so close to getting hit with a couple of pounds of sharply clawed fury that both of us left with hearts pounding. The cat got to spend two more nights in a warm cozy crate…..